Winter Groups

This is a year to discover the abundant life God has in store for you.  This is a call to immerse yourself in community.  You'll notice that Giants of the Faith never lived out there faith alone.  Jesus gathered a small band of brothers and sisters to himself and whenever he sent them out, it was at least two by two. The early stories of faith always had small communities at their core.  Check out these small communities, choose one and watch your faith grow!

  • The Gospel of john

    John’s gospel was written to convince the world that Jesus is the Son of God. The miracles recorded there show us a Jesus more powerful and more radical than you ever imagined!   Join us for an in-depth study guaranteed to increase your faith!

    Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

    Wall Twp

    Contact Jeff - (908) 623-7572 /

    Contact June - (732) 859-2320 /

  • the broken way

    Life can leave us looking for an exit. While most of us want to run away from our brokenness, Ann Voskamp runs right into it, sharing the shattered pieces of her own life and helping us see God’s good purpose in ours. This semester, learn how God guides us, not around the pain, but through it!

    Thursday @ 7:30 pm

    Tinton Falls

    Contact Amy - (856) 816-1003 /

  • disciplines of a godly man

    This group — and our curriculum this semester — is all about transformation. God is stretching and growing us into better men. Ready to reignite your faith and leave a mark in this world for Christ? 

    Join us! Wednesday @ 7:30 am

    Double Tree Hotel's Aqua Lounge, Eatontown

    Contact Jeff - (818) 209-6294 /

  • Forgive, let go, and live

    We’ve all suffered hurt and trauma at the hands of other people. Forgiving them is not easy! It requires God’s supernatural assistance to let go of the anger and bitterness that would otherwise consume us and keep us small. This semester learn how God comes alongside us, empowers us to forgive the unforgivable, and crowns us with freedom and joy!

    Saturday @ 10:00 am


    Contact Ritva - (732) 673-5533 /

  • youth group

    Justin Garden + Dawn Arnone (Youth) Relevant Youth Group - 

    middle and high schoolers Wednesday @ 6:00 pm


    Contact Justin - (908) 433-3020 /

    Contact Dawn - (732) 778-8353 /