Our Vision is to capture the heart and imagination of this generation by creating disciple-making churches where people can connect with Jesus, His community and His mission in Monmouth County and other shores.

our values

A Worshipping Community. We create environments to celebrate the love of God through Jesus in passionate praise, inspiring worship and genuine prayer. Our worship flows into our everyday life experiences.

An Authentic Community. We are a family where hospitality, humility and humor are the rule of the day. We are leaders in creating safe and grace filled communities for this generation to have conversations about our culture’s most challenging topics. We regularly live in the rhythms of celebration and re-creation. We listen to God, learn each other’s stories, eat together, and bless others.


A Missional Community. We strive to be selfless, humble and fiercely loyal. We serve sacrificially and are irrationally generous with our time, resources and money. We feel the pain God feels over injustice and are risk-takers for the mission of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit to live out the Gospel to those around us. 

invest, invite & innovate


Growing spiritually doesn't happen when we know what Jesus says. It happens when we apply what he says and Imitate his life.  Imitation happens best within the context of community. To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally. 


We believe God uses relationships to change each of us for the better, and the reality is that we don't experience relationships when we're sitting in rows. Learning together is an important first step, but it's not the only step. When you're fully involved in the life of a church, God uses other people to help you grow, and he uses you to help grow other people.

Jesus doesn't want the church to be an exclusive club. He wants everyone to know him and follow him. So we think it's vital that as we become fully engaged in church, we invest in unchurched people and invite them into our lives. That doesn't mean that we treat them as projects. It means that we genuinely care about them, get to know what's happening in their lives, and, when the time is right, invite them to take an appropriate next step toward Jesus.


This is intentional commitment to imitate Jesus and design solutions for real problems. We are hardwired for wonder and created to create. When we mold, build, imagine and execute we point to the Gospel, bringing light to darkness.  We are willing to take risks utilizing creativity, and innovation to bridge the gap between what is and what could be by pointing to a preferred future in Christ.  Our belief is that as people choose to serve, whether in our church or in the local community, or around the world, the impact of that service will change lives—for those serving, for the people they serve, and even for those who see them giving their time to help someone else.