So you want to know who the leadership of this church is.  Well allow us to briefly introduce ourselves and if you click on our photo and send us an email, we would love to treat you to a cup of coffee or craft beer and get to know you more.  

  • Pastor Anthony & Alison Morici

    Anthony has been the Lead Pastor at Relevant since December of 2014.  He and his wife Alison have four boys, Soren, Levi, Hudson & Maximo.  They live life to the fullest and are their own traveling party. They always have room in their hearts,  lives and suburban for more people. They have been serving as a pastoral couple for 20 years.  

    They are also entrepreneurs and own a company called Soccer Shots where they impact over 1500 children a year.  

    They would love to have a cup of coffee with you.  Anthony will most likely order an espresso and invite you to come to Spain with him on a missions trip. 

    We'ld love to grab a cup of coffee or craft beer with you; anthonymorici@gmail.com or 609.713.0077

  • Pastor Jeff Borkoski

    Jeff Borkoski is the founding pastor of Relevant.  He is a full-time dad, outdoors enthusiast, speaker, coach, clown, health food geek, "First Take" buff, and raving fan of all things craft beer. For 25 years he’s been helping men get their hearts back.

    He's grateful for second chances, blue skies, green juice, "EOFire," neuroplasticity, and the unspeakable privilege of helping people ignore the small voices, leave the herd, and build the life they want.

    You can find him in the mountains, on Facebook, Twitter, and jeffborkoski.com.

    He has a book out called "The Sex-Starved Husband's Guide: Get unstuck, wine her heart back and reignite your sex life." It's available on Amazon.

    He and his son currently reside in Little Silver, NJ.

    I'd love to grab a coffee or craft beer with you; jeff@relevantnj.com