New!!!  Anchors Away

Come and join other high school juniors, seniors and college students on Thursday evenings for Anchorsaway.  We will answer questions like:  How do you know God is real?  Does God love me and will He forgive me even if I have really messed up?  Do all religions believe the same thing?  Why do some people suffer so much?  We will meet weekly to answer these questions and many more.  You do not need to have a great faith to come.  We will have several guest speakers, and breakout groups fore to get to know other people like yourself who may not be sure about what they really believe.  Bring your friends if they are wondering if there really is a God who loves.  See you there!

Thursday Evenings 7:00-9:30pm, West Allenhurst, Monmouth County

For details and location, contact me at: or call 732-305-0239

Cost: $35.00 for materials

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